Guarantee Terms and Conditions

In common with most guarantees, the Kartell Guarantee has terms and conditions, and these have been put into place to ensure that we cover all claims within reason but NOT those for which we cannot reasonably be held responsible:

  • The guarantee applies to all products manufactured and distributed by Kartell. Our guarantee covers all products available and our back catalogue.

All Kartell products MUST be installed in accordance with the following guidelines by a competent, fully qualified Plumber, Plumbing & Heating Engineer or Electrician (as appropriate) who is fully conversant with current installation regulations and codes of good practice.

  • Each product MUST be installed, operated and maintained in compliance with the attached guidelines and with regulations specified in the appropriate British Standards applicable at the time of installation.
  • Kartell reserves the right to repair or replace (at our discretion) products that have been proven and agreed by us to have developed a fault attributable to poor design, materials, or workmanship.
  • Plumbing and Electrical installations, including their component parts, are not covered. These are the responsibility of your installer.
  • Defects or damage caused through incorrect installation, improper use, negligence, accident or malicious action are not covered.
  • Damage to other property, personal injury, consequential loss, damages, expenses, or any third-party costs are not covered.
  • This guarantee is only applicable to the manufacture and distribution of towel rails and radiators installed in the UNITED KINGDOM and is non-transferable.
  • Kartell or its appointed agent must carry out all repairs to a manufactured product.
  • Decorative finishes such as Gold, Nickel, Polished Brass and Copper are not covered. These finishes will naturally darken and age with use. This is in no way detrimental to the operation and longevity of the product.
  • Please retain the proof of purchase (i.e. receipt/invoice) from your product supplier. This will be required to validate your guarantee at a later date.
  • Following our policy of continual improvement, Kartell reserves the right to amend The Terms and Conditions of this guarantee without prior notice.
  • English Law governs this guarantee, and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

IMPORTANT: In the unlikely event of encountering a problem with one of our products within the guarantee period, please get in touch with your supplier/installer, who will liaise with us on your behalf. After this period, please contact your relevant sales office.  Details on the contact page. 

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that you read and fully understand the following guidelines. If you need clarification of any points, please contact the Customer Services Department

Kartell Heated Towel Rails and Radiators MUST be installed by a qualified, competent Plumber or Plumbing and Heating Engineer following guidelines and all current installation regulations.

  • Ensure that the product you have chosen is compatible with your heating system. Our products are entirely suitable for the vast majority of heating systems. However, do NOT install a product containing Ferrous (steel) parts onto an open/direct circuit. If in doubt, please consult our product literature or contact your relevant sales office.
  • If you intend to install the product on an open/direct (DHW) circuit, please ensure that naturally soft or artificially softened water is NOT present. Contact your local water authority to ensure that material dezincification is not common in your area. Water analysis is available at a cost.
  • Towel Rails manufactured from Brass materials should NOT be installed onto an open/direct domestic hot water circuit if the water is naturally soft or artificially softened water is present.
  • Heated Towel Rails and radiators should be installed in accordance with BS EN 14336:2004 & BS EN 12828:2012.
  • We would advise that, where appropriate, all indirect/closed heating systems are cleansed by a flushing agent and treated with a central heating system inhibitor according to BS 7593:2019 specifications before installing a Kartell product. This is especially important if the product is an addition to an existing system and would ensure the continued efficiency and longevity of the system's components together with the towel rail/radiator.
  • Ensure the towel rail/radiator is installed with manual isolating valves to BS 2767:1991 (Thermostatic isolating valves to BS EN 215:2019) specifications. Our extensive range of radiator valves complies with this specification.
  • Seal all radiator valve connections into the products by appropriate use of PTFE tape or a preparatory brand of sealing compound.
  • Do NOT overtighten radiator valve connections, particularly tapered threads, into the product. Consequential damage may occur to the product.
  • Ensure that the product is correctly positioned, vented of air, and balanced according to BS EN 14336:2004 specifications.

A qualified, competent electrician MUST install All-Electric and Dual Energy Towel Rails and Radiators in accordance with the following guidelines and current installation regulations.

  • Ensure that the electrical supply is fully isolated before installation or servicing.
  • The installation MUST comply with British Standard BS 7671:2018 "Requirements for electrical installation. IET Wiring Regulations.
  • In bathroom installations, the product should be permanently fixed, individually earth bonded and positioned to comply with BS 7671:2018- Section 601 Specifications.
  • The electric element installed within this product is manufactured and inspected to BS EN 60335 - 1 (CENELEC.) CE1 61/50. It is splash-proof only and must never be immersed in or subject to continual water splashing.
  • The electric element installed within this product should only be connected to a 220/240 Volt AC mains power supply.
  • The electric element MUST be connected to the fixed wiring of the premises through a cable outlet and controlled by a double pole switch, having a contact separation of at least 3mm in all poles. If the switch is positioned in a bathroom, shower-room, toilet, or room prone to condensation, it should be ceiling mounted, and pull-cord operated.
  • WARNING: This product MUST be earth bonded through the 3-Core connection cable. For bathroom installations, the product must be individually earth bonded.
  • Ensure that the appliance is protected by a suitably rated fuse or by a proprietary brand of Residual Circuit Breaker (RCB) or Residual Current Device (RCD).


Thermal cycling will NOT occur if the unit is installed with the element at the top. Consequential damage will then occur.

  • The electric element in a dual fuel (Heating & Electric) model must NEVER be switched on whilst the central heating system is operative. This will cause the element to 'short cycle' and shorten its operational lifespan.
  • The electrical element in the dual fuel (Heating & Electric) model must NEVER be operated without the product being completely full of water, vented of air and connected to the central heating system. The system design MUST guarantee the filling of the product. Special care must be taken after any service work requiring draining the system.
  • Should the electrical supply cord needs extending or is accidentally damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its appointed service agents.
  • To operate efficiently, this appliance will become hot in operation. Accordingly, we would advise that if elderly, infirm persons or very young children are likely to be left unsupervised in the room containing this appliance, it is positioned to ensure that prolonged contact cannot easily occur.
  • Should you wish to use a day and time controller with this appliance, ensure that it is rated to accept the wattage load of the electric element. Electrical only products are designed for continuous operation and are perfectly safe if left switched on permanently.
  • In dual fuel (Heating and Electric) models, using the electric element only, i.e. during summer, allows for thermal expansion within the product by partially opening the 'return' radiator valve. The 'flow' radiator valve must be closed to prevent backflow through the system. Both valves should be opened and balanced when the central heating system is operative, i.e. during winter.

All-Electric and Dual Energy Towel Rails and Radiators are designed to comply with BS EN 60335 Parts 1 & 2. The British Standard covering the safety requirements of electric heating appliances and momentary contact with the product should not cause injury. However, to be effective, these products become hot, especially when fully covered with thick towels that do not allow the heat to dissipate. Accordingly, we would advise that if elderly, infirm, or young children are likely to be left unsupervised in a room containing one of these products, it is positioned to ensure that prolonged contact cannot easily occur.

Upon completion of the installation, we would advise that the product is securely covered to prevent contamination or damage by building materials such as paint, plaster, tile adhesive, grout or sealants until all building and finishing work is completed.

To preserve the finish on this product, we would advise that it is regularly cleaned by wiping with a soft clean cloth moistened with water and then polished using a soft, dry duster. ON NO ACCOUNT should any abrasive powders, polishes, detergents, household bleaches or cleansing agents be used on this product. Cleaners containing alcohol, acids or corrosive must NOT be used.

Note: Some household bleaches, cleaners, toothpaste and denture cleansers can damage plated or coloured finishes and, if accidentally spilt onto the product, should be wiped off immediately by a clean cloth moistened with cold water then dried thoroughly with a soft clean cloth.



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